Kat Watson is a non-professional mom, lover, paper crafter, baker, and chef. Sometimes she plays the role of maid, usually when she's avoiding writing a particularly difficult scene, and never on TV. She enjoys writing traditional and non-traditional couplings, scenarios, and settings. Love is almost always the reason for a story, but the surrounding details and events fascinate her. Figuring out the talking voices in her head (and sharing them with others) is one of her greatest pleasures. Finding a fabulous, inexpensive bottle of red wine is also one of her greatest pleasures. Kat shares her home in Colorado with her daughter, two unimaginably loud guinea pigs, a wildly overweight cat, and a dog with more energy than should be possible for such a small thing., .comments h4 { font: $(post.title.font); margin: .75em 0 0; display:none; }