Sunday, April 15, 2012

Drabble Day 23

"This salad is way over-dressed," he huffs at the waiter. "And my water barely has any ice."

He hasn't said a single please or thank you since we sat. I take this as my cue.

Grabbing my purse, I smile at him.

"I wish I could say this has been delightful, Julian, but I can't. Lose my number, please."

I emphasize the last word, hoping he'll pick up on the reason I've decided to depart mid-meal. What a douche.

On the drive home, I call Ben, my bestie, and rehash all the details, wishing it had been him with me.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Drabble Day 22 (NSFW)

I'd shopped all day for the right pair of shoes. Finally, I found them -- sparkly, hot pink, and the highest heels I could find.

When I got home, I flipped my magazine open and laid on my bed, constricting clothes gone and sparkly shoes on my feet.

"You found them?" she asked, hope filling every corner of her voice.

"I did," I said, turning to grin at her. She'd already begun undressing.

"God," she whispered, getting closer. "I can't wait to fuck you in them."

I roll over and let my knees fall apart as she moves between them.

Drabble Day 21

"Are you having a nice date?" he asked.

His fingers played with the green stems of the chocolate-dipped strawberries, and I smiled.

"Of course. Aren't you?"

"It's about to get a lot better," he said. "Right?"

The tiny shard of vulnerability in his voice made me smile. Somehow, the man I'd been dating for months, sleeping with for almost as long, still had no idea how hard I'd fallen.

I picked up a plump berry and placed it between his waiting lips.

He hummed, biting down, then swifly moved his mouth to mine. Chocolate, Strawberries, and Daniel. My favorite flavors.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Drabble Day 20

I can't believe she's gone.

The thought floats into my mind so many times, I wonder why it hasn't stuck yet.

"You okay, Mom?"

I wrap my arms around my now skin-and-bones mother, wondering where the soft, round woman I snuggled as a child went.

"I just ... I'm going to miss her." She sobs against my shoulder.

"Me too," I say, squeezing. "Let's get this finished and grab a drink."

Mom lifts the lid of the gorgeous trunk my grandma brought with her when she got married, and I reach for the stack of old letters my grandfather sent her.

Drabble Day 19

Today's drabble is under a cut, since it contains a NSFW photo. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drabble Day 18

The beach fire burns in the background. I smell the wood as it crackles, ash floating into the air periodically.

I want him, want him to touch me, kiss me, whatever he wants.

Still, he sits on the other side of the camp fire taunting me. Glancing my way now and then.

I pull my hood up and close my eyes, done with games.

“Wanna go smoke?”

His voice his me like a bucket of cold water.


My exterior hides the mess of nerves I am inside.

Thirty minutes later, we’re sitting on the asphalt, touching and making out.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Drabble Day 17

"Thank you, Daddy!" the tiny voice exclaimed.

"You're welcome, sweetheart."

His voice was deep and rich, exactly what I'd been missing in my life. I watched them from the corner of my eye when I wasn't watching my daughter devouring the chocolate I'd bought her.

"Can I borrow a napkin?"

"Sure," I said, smiling at him.

"Thank you."

Our fingers brushed and I looked down at the cement. Goosebumps rose up on my arms.

"Are you having a magical day?" he asked, mocking the theme park.

"I certainly am."

"My name's Peter.


"Mommy, you're not 'poseda talk to strangers."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Drabble Day 16

We lift our glasses filled with booze in the signature wedding color and the table erupts in shouts and laughter.

"To a life of hot sex with Zach!" says my maid of honor, Patty.

"I'll drink to that," I say, wrapping my lips around the straw and sucking.

Of course, my brain goes to dirty places as the cold, sweet liquid slides down my throat, a contrast to his sticky, salty taste.

"Are you nervous?" Maliya asks.

"Of course. A few more shots and I won't remember what my own name is, though.

"Just make sure I'm sober by morning."

Dawnie's drabble.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Drabble Day 15

The long table is set, stemware in place, candles lit. My job here is done.

I stand back, watching people filter in, happy smiles and kind words mingling between them. It’s the couple’s happy day, but in my mind, I picture how mine will be. If I ever get one.

I imagine what I’ll do the same, what I might tweak and do differently. I definitely want a small engagement party. Family and close friends. Lots of music, lots of candles. Lots of love, I hope.

I just have to meet him, the perfect man. Haven’t I kissed enough frogs?

Dawnie's drabble

Friday, April 6, 2012

Drabble Day 14

It was too cold for anyone with any sense to be outside snapping pictures, but there we were. I watched as she laid down, her skirt pulling up just the tiniest bit and revealing her delicate skin.

My lips tingled to touch hers. To declare my love for her among the field of dying flowers. It somehow fit; forbidden love, death, cold. Her. Me.

I aimed my camera down and she aimed up, both of us snapping cheeky pictures of each other.

I kept mine in my dresser drawer for years, pulling it out to imagine what might have been.

Dawnie's drabble.

Drabble Day 13

T'was my selection yesterday:

It’d been 6 hours and twenty-two minutes since he died. My heart had measured every beat since our connection had been broken.

The doctors I spoke to had no idea why an otherwise healthy thirty-three-year-old man suddenly dropped dead. I’d taken the first flight I could back to the city we lived in, cutting my business trip short, but it wasn’t soon enough.

I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. As the plane touched down, I twisted the ring on my finger, rolling the word widow around in my mouth.

Dawnie's drabble.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Drabble Day 12

Today was Dawnie's pick:

Hank Williams Jr. is coming from the truck as they play football. I was stupid and left my magazines at home, but now that I'm watching them sweat and play, I don't want to leave. They're more entertaining than Teen Vogue any day of the week. The way they interact, laughing and teasing each other between passes, their familiarity and comfort telling the unspoken story of the way we've all known each other since we were born.

Some are like brothers. Some, potential boyfriends. Some are related.

We pile into the truck and stop at Whataburger on the way home.

Dawnie's drabble.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Drabble Day 11

Today was my day to pick our pic!

The chocolate drips from the beaters, and I scoop some to taste. This cake has to be perfect. I somehow managed to get the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, just like my girl.

She’s working late and I’m baking for her birthday. What I’m really thinking about, though, is what will happen once the candles are blown out.

I want to lick buttercream from her nipples. I want her to smear frosting on my thighs and at the top of my pussy and clean me up, after I do the same to her.

God, why isn’t she home yet?

Dawnie's drabble.

Drabble Day 10

Not doing so awesome on keeping up to date on these, but trying my best. Busy week in these parts.

Dawnie's pick for day 10:

His board shorts hang low on his hips, the dip of his abs teasing me. Outside feels infinitely hotter with him around, and I want to take my coverup off, but not just yet. Soon, I’ll pull the fabric over my head, readjust the tiny triangles over my nipples, and pull the fabric from where it’s decided to hide up my ass.

The way he’ll look at me, it will be worth the hours at the gym. It’ll be worth the heat and sticky sweat.

I kick water in his direction when I catch him smirking at me. Smug bastard.

Dawnie's drabble.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Drabble Day 9

Our photo for today:

The minute we walked in, I was even more nervous. Nothing screams romance and passion like a dimly-lit restaurant decorated in red, black, and gold. Still, it was nice of him to bring me someplace other than Chili’s, where, yes, my last first date took me.

The squeeze of my hand brought me back to the present and I turn to smile at him.

“You told me once, in an email, that you’d always wanted to come here,” he said, his voice rich and sweet.

“I did.” I smiled. “Thank you for remembering.”

“Thank you for being worth remembering.”

Dawnie's drabble.

Drabble Day 8

My goal this upcoming week is to post these on time.

Dawnie's picture selection:

I come home from work and drop my keys in the bowl, letting my stress blow out on the next exhale. Or trying to.

I just want to be in his arms, where the world fades away. I find him in our bed, propped up on a pillow, reading.

“Hi, gorgeous,” he says.

I kick my shoes off and straddle his waist, reaching to kiss him. He slides down so we’re lying horizontal, and I curse the clothes between us.

The sheets surrounding us are fresh from the dryer; the clean smell somehow making me want him even more.


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