Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Drabble Day 10

Not doing so awesome on keeping up to date on these, but trying my best. Busy week in these parts.

Dawnie's pick for day 10:

His board shorts hang low on his hips, the dip of his abs teasing me. Outside feels infinitely hotter with him around, and I want to take my coverup off, but not just yet. Soon, I’ll pull the fabric over my head, readjust the tiny triangles over my nipples, and pull the fabric from where it’s decided to hide up my ass.

The way he’ll look at me, it will be worth the hours at the gym. It’ll be worth the heat and sticky sweat.

I kick water in his direction when I catch him smirking at me. Smug bastard.

Dawnie's drabble.

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