Saturday, December 1, 2012

When One Plus One Equals Three

A special gift for a special person on a special day.


I survey the crowd and smile. Almost everyone I love is out there, waiting for us. Most of the others that I love are behind the doors of one of the adjoining rooms.

As I turn the handle, I realize my cheeks hurt. It should be illegal to be this happy, but I'm not complaining. It wasn't an easy road to this place, and it still isn't easy some days, but this is the culmination of several years of hard work and passion.

“Hey, dude,” I say to the lone wolf boy-child, Aiden. “Have you seen your mom?”

He doesn't look up at me or respond with words, just points to the closed door and grunts.

“Thanks,” I say, undeterred. One of these days, he won't hate me. I just know it.

Knocking softly, I open the door Aiden pointed at and peek my head in. “Can I come in?”

“Of course,” Amy's best friend, Ivy, says.

The moment I see Amy, my knees go a little weak. Something about her always gets to me, but this day... so hard-fought. It's a knot in my chest in the best way possible.

“You're not dressed yet.”

I hear the words she says, watch her lips as they move, but nothing registers in my brain until I feel the warmth of her body next to mine.

“Can we just escape somewhere for a few minutes? You're way too hot for your own good,” I say, my hand sneaking under her silky robe. My fingers explore, figuring out exactly what she has on, and I have to fight to remind myself the room has countless other people in it.

“No,” she says, kissing me. “We've got something very important to do in a few hours.”

My lips turn up again, still pressed lightly to hers. “Yes, we do.”

“When was the last time you checked on Brett?”

“It's been a while,” I confess. “I'll check on them on the way back to my room.”

If I know them, by now, there's some kind of video game set up in their room, and at least one laptop.

“Okay, get out of here,” she says, shooing me. “I'm about to put my dress on and I don't want you to see it yet.”

I steal one last kiss. “I love you.”

On my way out, a few of the kids wander back to my room with me.

After we meshed our households, it took time for me to adjust to them, and vice versa, but now it's almost like we've lived together from the start. The kids come to me just as often as they go to Amy, and sometimes they even seek out Brett. Especially if it's for ice cream.

“Okay, guys,” I say, settling everyone in with something to keep them busy. “Ruby, you're in charge. I'm going to go check on everything in Dad's room.”

My teenage daughter nods at me, her smile simmering under the surface. Apathy takes over her hormone-riddled body at times, but I know she's almost as happy for this day as I am.

Inside the boys' room, as predicted, there are video games going in a few corners. I walk up behind Brett and kiss his neck, biting it quickly.

“Gonna get everyone ready soon?”

I'm sure the not-so-subtle reminder that he's in charge of more than just himself is lost at this moment, as he mutters back about raids and bosses and other random shit I couldn't care less about. I know today is important to him, too, though, and he'll get what he needs to get done finished in time. At least, as I look around, I realize the kids are mostly ready.

Back in my room, I nibble on some fruit and snuggle with one of the girls. After so many years apart, I want nothing more than to be together, every single day. I want the noise, the chaos... everything. Every one of our kids feels like mine, whether they were born of my own body or hers. There is no mine, his, hers, it's all melted into ours, not without great effort.

I look down at the littlest, Elizabeth, our flower girl. “Ready?”

When she nods with enthusiasm, I get up and find her tights, shoes, and dress, then help her into them. “What should we do with your hair?”

“Curls!” she says, pointing at the hot curling iron.

Bending down, I kiss her cheek and make eye contact in the mirror. “You got it.”

Twenty minutes later, Amy's mom finds us in the same space, singing and curling. Ruth's hand rests on my shoulder. “You've spent more time on the kids than you have on yourself. You aren't even in your dress yet!”

“It'll take me ten minutes, max.”

I smile at Ruth, and when she smiles back, my heart squeezes. I know this day isn't easy for her. None of this has been, but the way she's been strong and stood by her daughter through moments she doesn't agree with or quite understand touches me.

“Okay, cutie, I think you're all ready,” I say, spraying hairspray in a tornado over Elizabeth's hair.

Ruth leaves with a promise to send the hair and makeup lady over for me, and I stare at the dress hanging on the back of the door. A long time ago, I dreamed of dresses like this one. I never had a clear vision of what it would look like, just that I would one day need and want to wear one again.

I'm lost in thought about the day Amy and I went dress shopping, when there's a knock on the door.

“Ready?” Constance asks, holding up her tools.

“As I'll ever be.”

I sit and we chat while she does a very simple and subtle job on my hair and makeup.

“Everyone else is fixed up and ready to go. You should see the crowd out there. They look so happy and ready to have a good time.”

That certainly describes our friends; always ready for a fun time, and willing to use any excuse to celebrate. Of course, tonight's excuse is my favorite so far. We've invited friends from around the globe, people we've met in person and not. I'm excited to hug everyone and have brunch tomorrow after the ceremony and festivities.

“Thank you, Constance.”

“You're welcome, honey,” she says with a smile. “See you out there.”

It's almost time to go, I realize as I look at the clock in the corner of the room. In the bathroom, I recognize myself, but the person smiling back is so different from a few years ago. Happier. Lighter. More authentic.

“Want some help?”

“Thanks, Rub,” I say, turning around to look at her.

My robe falls to the floor and Ruby unzips the dress, then holds it out for me. When I step in, I laugh a little. I feel like I'm a kid again, playing dress-up.

“You look amazing, Mom.”

“Thank you. Let's hope everyone else thinks so, too.”

I tuck a few tissues into my pocket and take Ruby's hand. “Everyone left?”

“Yeah, they're all out there,” she says, squeezing my hand and nodding toward the outside.

The tears well up in my eyes and we approach the door together.

“Last chance to escape,” she quips.

I smile. “No way.”

Our arms link and we walk out to where the edge of the white carpet is. Brett's waiting at the end, and I can see our kids scattered around. There are deep red rose petals everywhere, and I smile and mouth a quick thank you at the girls who threw them.

Ruby leads me down to the end of the aisle, reminding me to walk when I forget. At the end, I turn to her, our height equal thanks to my heels.

“Thank you,” I say. “I know the last few years haven't been easy, and I love you so much.”

“I love you, too, Mom.”

She hugs me tight, then hugs Brett and sits. There are no sides to our audience, just one large group of loved ones. As I take Brett's hand and look out, I see familiar faces and new smiles. My heart swells again at this giant outpouring of love and support, and I reach for my tissue to dab my eyes quickly. I don't bother to put it away since I know Amy is walking to us next.

I see Aiden first, and then Amy. Sure enough, my throat tightens and Brett reminds me to breathe. They walk together, and our eyes never leave each other's.

She leans down to whisper something to Aiden when they reach the end of the aisle, and after they hug, he takes his seat. Amy reaches her hands out, and the three of us join together. Our smiles can't be contained, and even Brett, who's admitted more than once he doesn't need to go through the non-legal formality of the ceremony, seems to be affected.

“Today, we're here to celebrate a bond of love that exists in your hearts.”

The words from the officiant ring in my ears and I begin to tune her out as I stare at the two people I love the most in the world. Sure, our commitment isn't legal, it's entirely symbolic, but it's a commitment we've made to each other with all of our hearts. There's nothing but our love binding us together, and knowing that means we need to put effort in every day to want to be together.

By the time the last words are spoken, I'm ready to move on to the party... and especially after the party.

Before we join the reception, we sneak into the room where the guys got ready for a few minutes of privacy.

I love you,” I say, looking at them.

Love you, too,” Amy says, wasting no time and attacking me.

The three of us become a tangled mass of limbs and mouths, laughing and moaning depending on what's happening. We shift from euphoric to horny and back again. Unfortunately, someone knocks on the door before anyone's clothes are off.

There's a whole party out here waiting for you, pervs,” my best friend, Faith, says, opening the door.

We laugh and have the decency to look properly ashamed before we climb off the couch (and each other), and straighten our clothes. Inside the reception, people are eating and drinking and having a great time. It's perfect.

There are no first dances, but there are people dancing, and we take turns partnering up and making fools of ourselves. When I watch Brett and Amy dance, I try to focus on their connection and intimacy and how it makes me feel. The tidal wave of emotions ranges from jealousy to finding it extremely hot.

After we've eaten dinner, we feed each other cake – each of the tiers is a different flavor picked by us, and I smile at the representation of our differences.

I make the rounds to each table, sitting and talking, in some cases meeting my friends for the first time. It's an amazing gift they've given us, and at each stop, I'm reminded through them of how loved we are. Our family isn't traditional by any stretch of the imagination, but it's what works for us. I could not exist without either of them, and they know it and feel exactly the same.

As we get ready to leave, I check in with Faith and Shawna, who graciously agreed to help with child care while we're gone on our honeymoon. It's only a week, but six kids is too much for any one person. Thankfully, I'd trust either of those women with my life, and it was their gift to us, so it worked out perfectly. I somehow suspect they'll all have a blast together, like a mini-vacation from their own lives, in our house.

Need anything before we go?” I ask, hugging my friends.

We got this covered. Don't even worry for a second,” Shawna says, and I laugh.

It's like she's never met me before.

Okay,” she says, seeing my expression. “Just don't worry too much.”

I'll try.”

Amy suddenly appears behind me. “We plan to distract her plenty.”

That's my cue to leave, ladies.”

One last hug and I'm off to find the kids to say goodbye. Most of them should be in bed by now, but I can't bring myself to care. They deserve a stress-free night, too. We've asked so much of them, and although they haven't always done it without complaint, they've always done it.

There's a black Town Car waiting for us outside the venue, and I smile at Brett.

For us?” I ask, lifting an eyebrow.

He nods, and we slide in, ready to get to our hotel room. We have an early flight, so I know there won't be too many shenanigans, but I'm eager for what little bit of them I'll get.

At the hotel, I laugh at the reaction of the front desk clerk. She's clearly trying to contain herself, but can't quite figure out why two women are in wedding dresses with one man in a suit … all checking into one room.

I pull Amy to the side by the elevator and kiss her. Brett shakes his head as he walks up with the keys, and we laugh. He's had years to get used to us, but I suspect it still sometimes catches him by surprise, the intensity of our connection and need for each other.

Inside the room, we look around. It occurs to me after a moment that we're in a giant room.

Honeymoon suite?” I ask, my fingers sliding under Brett's lapel.

Only the best for my girls.”

Together, Amy and I take his clothes off. I lose track of hands and mouths as my dress is carefully removed, and then there's a group effort to take Amy's off. We're standing there in lingerie that just seems like it gets in the way now, whereas it was planned with forethought and a desire to appear sexy. Nothing can make Amy sexier than when she's naked, and from the look she gives me, I suspect she's feeling the same. We quickly shed the expensive scraps of fabric and two of us climb onto the bed.

I make my way between Amy's thighs, my hands and fingers and mouth bringing her whole body alive before I begin, as Brett stands behind me.

The sensation of her in front of me, him behind me, isn't one I'm unfamiliar with, but as cliché as it is, it feels different. I don't have long to simmer on the thought, as her hands weave through my hair, pulling me closer, and his fingers begin to push into me.

I can barely focus on one of them, but the way they drive me crazy is unparalleled. Watching her writhe, feeling him as he begins to fuck me... it's sheer insanity. My eyes flick up and watch her face as my tongue makes frantic circles. The pressure from Brett pushes me into her, and I know from experience it makes her come fast and hard. I smile against her pussy, waiting eagerly for her first orgasm.

It takes me by surprise when I realize my orgasm is slamming into my like a freight train. The moaning and humming from me straight into her body triggers Amy, and she bows her hips up. She's loud and gorgeous, her body tightening in pleasure.

Behind me, Brett begins to grunt with exertion, and I know he can feel my body around his as my orgasm slows. He picks up his pace, though, and pushes me harder, faster. When his fingers dig into my hips, I know he's coming, and I wink up at Amy. She drops her head back and laughs, then moans as I wrap my lips around her clit and suck gently.

We're a sweaty, sticky mess on the bed, and it takes a few minutes to muster the strength and energy to take a group trip to the bathroom for toothbrushing and cleaning up.

Back under the sheet, we touch softly.

Best day?” I ask.

Definitely,” Amy says.

Absolutely,” Brett says at the same time.

I know a few things deep in my heart and soul. We'll fall asleep together, like we have so many nights before. Amy and I will wake up and no doubt have more fun – probably somewhere other than the bedroom, so we don't disturb Brett.

And, mostly importantly, we'll be together forever.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Morning, Noon, and Night Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the fan-fucking-tastic blog tour for Morning, Noon, and Night: Erotica for Couples. This anthology was edited by the amazing Alison Tyler, and published by Cleis Press.

My piece, Lunchtime Rendezvous, is a snippet of an afternoon with two women in a dungeon, and shows up at noon. It's the first piece of erotica I've had published, and I was trying to remember the other day what inspired it. It was probably at least partially prompted by a photograph -- a source of frequent inspiration for me.

I'm certain it was inspired by fantasy, stories I've woven in my head about potential scenarios and situations.

Mostly, though, I think this piece was inspired by my love of characters, my love of erotica and all forms of sex, and my love of love.

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to check out the other stops in the tour.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guest Blog: Downpour Author Bella Leone

Today, I have an interview / guest blog / blog tour with the fantastic author of the newly-released gay romance, Downpour, Bella Leone.

I've had the privilege of knowing Bella and reading her words for a few years now, so the flow of this conversation is a little more casual. I basically shot her a ton of questions and she was gracious enough to indulge me and answer.

  • How/where/when you write?
I usually write on my couch. TV on, music on, husband clanging around, cat on my foot, other cat above my head, dog underneath. I have ADD so if it's tomb silent I get twitchy. I usually can use a snowflake outline and then just go. I watch the story in my head like a movie which is probably why all my stories are present tense. I'm writing what I see as I see it. For Downpour I wrote 55K words in 28 days this March. It was like I was possessed. I literally was useless. I was even writing between classes and on my phone.

  • How you pick character names?
Usually the characters name themselves. Like I said about watching the movie in my head, they tell me their names. Sometimes I slip in last names of people I love just because I can :)

  • How you dive for picspiration?
Ah, Tumblr. I often call on you and some of my other writer girls to help me out. I also like

  • How has being pregnant changed your writing habits?
Oh my sweet Ninjababy. How I wanted this kid like you can't believe. But when it comes to writing, he's not so good for me. I've been completely useless. four months of being sick, then the last four months I've been totally wiped out. I am working on a sequel for Downpour, but it's slow. I promise I'll get it done before my son goes to college!

  • What was the publishing process like for Downpour?
I have been immensely lucky so far with publishing and have found publishing houses who really, truly love their authors. There are always bumps in the road, like editors getting new jobs or timelines that are switched around and shortened. You have GOT to be flexible. I can definitely say that you have to have a tough skin. You'll be rejected, everyone is. Even Stephen King! But you need to keep it after you get a contract too! Everyone thinks the rejections and queries are the tough part, but editing is no picnic either! Someone reads your baby and then comes back and gives it to you and it's all sad and bleeding and filled with their opinion on your baby that is not yours and may be nothing like yours. What you think is cute, they might think is cheesy. Something you think is snarky and funny, they might think is mean. You really need a tough skin for editing too. Just be tough and keep going. Become Dori!

Thanks so much for the great information, Bella! Be sure to check out her blog, where she posts an excerpt from the story.

Weathering one of the fiercest storms of your life can seem almost impossible, but once you’re through it, things can be a whole lot brighter. Markus Simmons, a pre-med student who moonlights as a barista, narrates as he and his long-time crush, Clinton Stewart, learn more about themselves and what they’re willing to go through to heal and be together.

It took weeks before Markus knew his crush’s name. It took months of serving him coffee every morning before Markus learned that Clinton was an American History major. It took nearly six months into their senior year at UC Davis before Markus accidentally found out that Clinton had no family, few friends, and rather than the dorms, he actually lived in the library.

Release date: 11/27 from Loose Id Publishing.
Goodreads link:

Bella Leone is an erotic romance author who discriminates against no combination of lovers. M/M, M/F, F/F, and all multiples thereof are fair game. She writes about people in like, in lust, and, ultimately, in love. Bella recently moved to New England from Arizona with her husband and furry minions. When she’s not writing, she’s usually lending a helping hand to other authors or indulging in her penchant for historical & paranormal fiction, petite brunettes, and athletic gingers.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Book Birthday!

For several weeks (okay, months), I've been looking forward to today.

Today is the day that a printed (and electronic) book that has my name on it is released into the world. Of course, there are many other talented names in it, too, but today I get to virtually shift from writer to author. At least, in my own mind that's how it works.

Now, for the fun details.

The book is an anthology, edited by the amazing Alison Tyler, for Cleis Press. It's called Morning, Noon, and Night, and I really enjoyed the concept -- there are stories for each hour of the day, plus a bonus. My piece, Lunchtime Rendezvous, is at noon. Here is a complete list of the stories.

If you'd like to buy the print book, you can do so here. Or, if you're digitally inclined, the ebook is here.

Thank you for your well wishes and support!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Drabble Day 23

"This salad is way over-dressed," he huffs at the waiter. "And my water barely has any ice."

He hasn't said a single please or thank you since we sat. I take this as my cue.

Grabbing my purse, I smile at him.

"I wish I could say this has been delightful, Julian, but I can't. Lose my number, please."

I emphasize the last word, hoping he'll pick up on the reason I've decided to depart mid-meal. What a douche.

On the drive home, I call Ben, my bestie, and rehash all the details, wishing it had been him with me.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Drabble Day 22 (NSFW)

I'd shopped all day for the right pair of shoes. Finally, I found them -- sparkly, hot pink, and the highest heels I could find.

When I got home, I flipped my magazine open and laid on my bed, constricting clothes gone and sparkly shoes on my feet.

"You found them?" she asked, hope filling every corner of her voice.

"I did," I said, turning to grin at her. She'd already begun undressing.

"God," she whispered, getting closer. "I can't wait to fuck you in them."

I roll over and let my knees fall apart as she moves between them.

Drabble Day 21

"Are you having a nice date?" he asked.

His fingers played with the green stems of the chocolate-dipped strawberries, and I smiled.

"Of course. Aren't you?"

"It's about to get a lot better," he said. "Right?"

The tiny shard of vulnerability in his voice made me smile. Somehow, the man I'd been dating for months, sleeping with for almost as long, still had no idea how hard I'd fallen.

I picked up a plump berry and placed it between his waiting lips.

He hummed, biting down, then swifly moved his mouth to mine. Chocolate, Strawberries, and Daniel. My favorite flavors.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Drabble Day 20

I can't believe she's gone.

The thought floats into my mind so many times, I wonder why it hasn't stuck yet.

"You okay, Mom?"

I wrap my arms around my now skin-and-bones mother, wondering where the soft, round woman I snuggled as a child went.

"I just ... I'm going to miss her." She sobs against my shoulder.

"Me too," I say, squeezing. "Let's get this finished and grab a drink."

Mom lifts the lid of the gorgeous trunk my grandma brought with her when she got married, and I reach for the stack of old letters my grandfather sent her.

Drabble Day 19

Today's drabble is under a cut, since it contains a NSFW photo. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drabble Day 18

The beach fire burns in the background. I smell the wood as it crackles, ash floating into the air periodically.

I want him, want him to touch me, kiss me, whatever he wants.

Still, he sits on the other side of the camp fire taunting me. Glancing my way now and then.

I pull my hood up and close my eyes, done with games.

“Wanna go smoke?”

His voice his me like a bucket of cold water.


My exterior hides the mess of nerves I am inside.

Thirty minutes later, we’re sitting on the asphalt, touching and making out.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Drabble Day 17

"Thank you, Daddy!" the tiny voice exclaimed.

"You're welcome, sweetheart."

His voice was deep and rich, exactly what I'd been missing in my life. I watched them from the corner of my eye when I wasn't watching my daughter devouring the chocolate I'd bought her.

"Can I borrow a napkin?"

"Sure," I said, smiling at him.

"Thank you."

Our fingers brushed and I looked down at the cement. Goosebumps rose up on my arms.

"Are you having a magical day?" he asked, mocking the theme park.

"I certainly am."

"My name's Peter.


"Mommy, you're not 'poseda talk to strangers."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Drabble Day 16

We lift our glasses filled with booze in the signature wedding color and the table erupts in shouts and laughter.

"To a life of hot sex with Zach!" says my maid of honor, Patty.

"I'll drink to that," I say, wrapping my lips around the straw and sucking.

Of course, my brain goes to dirty places as the cold, sweet liquid slides down my throat, a contrast to his sticky, salty taste.

"Are you nervous?" Maliya asks.

"Of course. A few more shots and I won't remember what my own name is, though.

"Just make sure I'm sober by morning."

Dawnie's drabble.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Drabble Day 15

The long table is set, stemware in place, candles lit. My job here is done.

I stand back, watching people filter in, happy smiles and kind words mingling between them. It’s the couple’s happy day, but in my mind, I picture how mine will be. If I ever get one.

I imagine what I’ll do the same, what I might tweak and do differently. I definitely want a small engagement party. Family and close friends. Lots of music, lots of candles. Lots of love, I hope.

I just have to meet him, the perfect man. Haven’t I kissed enough frogs?

Dawnie's drabble

Friday, April 6, 2012

Drabble Day 14

It was too cold for anyone with any sense to be outside snapping pictures, but there we were. I watched as she laid down, her skirt pulling up just the tiniest bit and revealing her delicate skin.

My lips tingled to touch hers. To declare my love for her among the field of dying flowers. It somehow fit; forbidden love, death, cold. Her. Me.

I aimed my camera down and she aimed up, both of us snapping cheeky pictures of each other.

I kept mine in my dresser drawer for years, pulling it out to imagine what might have been.

Dawnie's drabble.

Drabble Day 13

T'was my selection yesterday:

It’d been 6 hours and twenty-two minutes since he died. My heart had measured every beat since our connection had been broken.

The doctors I spoke to had no idea why an otherwise healthy thirty-three-year-old man suddenly dropped dead. I’d taken the first flight I could back to the city we lived in, cutting my business trip short, but it wasn’t soon enough.

I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. As the plane touched down, I twisted the ring on my finger, rolling the word widow around in my mouth.

Dawnie's drabble.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Drabble Day 12

Today was Dawnie's pick:

Hank Williams Jr. is coming from the truck as they play football. I was stupid and left my magazines at home, but now that I'm watching them sweat and play, I don't want to leave. They're more entertaining than Teen Vogue any day of the week. The way they interact, laughing and teasing each other between passes, their familiarity and comfort telling the unspoken story of the way we've all known each other since we were born.

Some are like brothers. Some, potential boyfriends. Some are related.

We pile into the truck and stop at Whataburger on the way home.

Dawnie's drabble.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Drabble Day 11

Today was my day to pick our pic!

The chocolate drips from the beaters, and I scoop some to taste. This cake has to be perfect. I somehow managed to get the perfect balance of sweet and spicy, just like my girl.

She’s working late and I’m baking for her birthday. What I’m really thinking about, though, is what will happen once the candles are blown out.

I want to lick buttercream from her nipples. I want her to smear frosting on my thighs and at the top of my pussy and clean me up, after I do the same to her.

God, why isn’t she home yet?

Dawnie's drabble.

Drabble Day 10

Not doing so awesome on keeping up to date on these, but trying my best. Busy week in these parts.

Dawnie's pick for day 10:

His board shorts hang low on his hips, the dip of his abs teasing me. Outside feels infinitely hotter with him around, and I want to take my coverup off, but not just yet. Soon, I’ll pull the fabric over my head, readjust the tiny triangles over my nipples, and pull the fabric from where it’s decided to hide up my ass.

The way he’ll look at me, it will be worth the hours at the gym. It’ll be worth the heat and sticky sweat.

I kick water in his direction when I catch him smirking at me. Smug bastard.

Dawnie's drabble.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Drabble Day 9

Our photo for today:

The minute we walked in, I was even more nervous. Nothing screams romance and passion like a dimly-lit restaurant decorated in red, black, and gold. Still, it was nice of him to bring me someplace other than Chili’s, where, yes, my last first date took me.

The squeeze of my hand brought me back to the present and I turn to smile at him.

“You told me once, in an email, that you’d always wanted to come here,” he said, his voice rich and sweet.

“I did.” I smiled. “Thank you for remembering.”

“Thank you for being worth remembering.”

Dawnie's drabble.

Drabble Day 8

My goal this upcoming week is to post these on time.

Dawnie's picture selection:

I come home from work and drop my keys in the bowl, letting my stress blow out on the next exhale. Or trying to.

I just want to be in his arms, where the world fades away. I find him in our bed, propped up on a pillow, reading.

“Hi, gorgeous,” he says.

I kick my shoes off and straddle his waist, reaching to kiss him. He slides down so we’re lying horizontal, and I curse the clothes between us.

The sheets surrounding us are fresh from the dryer; the clean smell somehow making me want him even more.


Dawnie's drabble.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Drabble Day 7

This feels slightly uninspired, but here is my contribution.
I’d been slinging overpriced lattes to yuppies demanding them in increasingly intricate ways since five in the morning. Since it was past eleven, my shift was almost over, but not yet. Patience becomes thinner, I’ve discovered, the closer it is to quitting time. I just want to go home, curl up with my cat, and read a good book. A good dirty book.

That’s when she walks in.

My boss that fired me because she wanted my cock. Somehow, in her twisted mind, if she fired me, we’d fuck.

Never mind that I wasn’t at all attracted to her. Gross.
Dawnie's drabble.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Drabbles Day 6

Dawnie's selection today!


We waited eight years to get married. Daniel proposed, then found out he had cancer a month later. Life is a mother fucker.

Chemo, radiation, recovery… everything took a toll on him. On us. There were days I was sure we were through. Then he’d look at me and I could see the fear and pain. The love.

When he was officially declared in remission, we celebrated with a picnic. And the kind of sweet sex only long-time lovers can have.

They say rain on a wedding day is lucky.

We didn’t need luck; we just needed each other.
Dawnie's drabble.

Drabble Day 5

I'm a day late again, dang it.  Yesterday's picspiration:

The moment her teeth sink into the soft skin at my neck, my mouth drops open. I can’t even help it, I gasp and my fingers tighten. Our bodies slide and grind together, seeking more over our clothes.

I need her — beneath me, above me, everywhere.

Moving her jeans down, I lower to my knees and kiss over her panties. My hands wrap around her thighs, pulling her closer. I run my nose up the space between her lips, my skin gliding easily against the silk, and inhale.

Her fingers tighten in my hair, gripping and guiding, bringing me closer.

Dawnie's drabble is here.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Drabble Day 4

Today was Dawnie's turn to pick. Here's her photo:

“Here you are,” I say, yawning and stretching.

I lie next to him on the settee.  His arm winds around me, strong and sure.

“Whatcha reading?” I ask, leaning against his chest.

The sun warms us as he speaks, his chest vibrating my body. “Just something for work.”

He sets the book down and turns toward me. His lips carefully meet mine and retreat, the newness of what we were still coloring everything with awkward.

“Do you need to keep reading?”

His hands roam. “Not as much as I need to do this,” he says, kissing just below my bellybutton.


Dawnie's drabble for today.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Drabble Day 3

Today's picture...

The moment I see the picture, my face crumples. A sea of puppies, kitties, and people in love… and I stumble onto depressing words that echo my heart.

I’m sorry I’m not what you wanted.

When Dean broke up with me, all he could say was that we didn’t mesh anymore. We used to finish each other’s sentences, and suddenly, out of the blue, we didn’t mesh? I couldn’t make sense of it, not even now, years later.

I’d seen him a few times with his new girl, now his wife. Each time, it shattered my heart all over again.

Drabble Day 2

Yesterday's picspiration:

The whole day has been perfect. Tyler took me to breakfast at my favorite little dive, then we went to the beach. Hand-in-hand, we walk on the wet sand, soaking up the sun.

“I can’t believe we have to go back to school tomorrow,” I say, sighing.

“Are you all packed?” he asks.

“Not really. I need to finish my laundry.”

He hums agreement, squeezing my hand. Suddenly, I’m on the wet sand, and I couldn’t care less. He’s above me, all shiny green eyes and white teeth.

“I love you,” he says. “I’m going to miss you.”


Sorry this is late! Sunday has a way of slipping by me in a pile of laundry and domestication. Here is Dawnie's Sunday drabble.

Today's drabble will be posted soon.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Drabble Day 1

So, Dawnie and I agreed to swap back and forth finding pictures for daily drabbles. It was my day to find a picture first. I think I surprised her with this one right out of the gate, instead of something porny. I like to think of myself as diverse. ;)

“Daddy, which one should I pick?”

“Well, sweetheart, let’s see,” I say, crouching down beside her. “Do you want a boy puppy or a girl?”

“A girl,” she says, as if it’s the most obvious answer ever.

“Well, I think any of these would be good dogs.”

Samantha looks at me, her semi-toothless grin wide. She throws her arms around me and giggles. “I love you, Daddy.”

“Ready to take her home?” I ask, scooping up one of the fluffy puppies.

“Yeah,” she says. “She needs a sparkly pink collar. And leash.”

“You got it, princess.”

Whatever she wants.

 Dawnie's drabble.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Drabble: Whisper

Thank you to @lisamichele17, who supplied a word prompt: whisper.

The heat of his breath tickled behind my ear. When his teeth pulled at my earlobe, I exhaled in a slow stream.

I loved and hated that he knew my weaknesses. Knew just how to send me from irritated and frustrated with my day to ready to be in bed with him.

The small, wet kisses he left against my skin made me shiver and caused goosebumps to erupt. His hands circled my waist, pulling our bodies together, hard against soft. My heart couldn’t decide whether to speed up or slow down to relax and enjoy.

“Marry me,” he whispered.

Drabbles: Picspiration

Thank you, @sweetandsaltyff, for this super yummy slashy picspiration goodness, and to @swirlnswing for the words. I hope you enjoy the drabbles.


Jeff had been my roommate for only two weeks. God, college sucked so far. Just like high school, only more expensive.

“Is the air-conditioning broken or what?” I asked. “Fuck.”

“I guess so,” he said, focused on the TV in front of him.

I took my shirt off and sat on the chair next to the couch he was on. I tried not to look at his half-nude body. The way the planes of his chest dipped to his stomach.

His bare feet.

I failed. Repeatedly.

I caught him staring, too. I smiled.

“What’s that ink?” he asked.



It seemed like a ploy to get closer, but I couldn’t be sure. I didn’t want to overstep; it would be really fucking awkward to spend the rest of the year living with a dude I made moves on if he wasn’t interested. Or even gay.

I leaned down and tilted toward him, my fingers tracing the familiar colorful patterns on my right shoulder. I worked out, knew I looked good, and knew that from just this angle, my muscles flexed and looked even better.

When I lifted my head to look at him, I knew he wanted me. He wanted more.



His legs wrapped around my hips, pulling me. When he thrust, I thought I’d come in my pants. His mouth was hard against mine, his lips soft as his tongue made demands of mine.

I could barely breathe, barely think, before his hands were at my pants, undoing the button and sliding the zipper. He wrapped his fingers around my cock and stroked, his mouth still attacking mine.

Fumbling, I managed to undo his jeans. Before I could get my hand in, he was pushing me up and back on the couch and covering my cock with his pretty mouth.

Drabble: Picspiration

Thank you to the lovely @TwiSherry for providing me with this (NSFW) picspiration.

My shift went on forever, and the whale playing third base was too drunk to know if he should hit or stand on a thirteen.

Fucking thirteens.

I hadn’t bothered to undress once I was home. I slipped my bra off, unbuttoned my pants, and laid on the couch. TV was a welcome distraction from the images of his body over mine that played in my head.

When I heard the door, I stood, ready to greet him.

“Hi,” he said, cheeks lifting against his eyes.

“You’re late,” I said, pouting.

“You’re naked.”

“Not naked enough.”

“I can fix that.”


“Jesus, were your tits out like that all day?” he asked.

His hands were cold against my skin, leftover from the air-conditioning in his car thanks to the sweltering Nevada heat, no doubt. My nipples puckered, tight and taught against my chest.

“What if I was?” I taunted. “What if I told you all about the college boys that sat at my table for hours, staring.”

He bit at my neck, groaning. “Don’t make my jealous, baby. That’s not nice.”

I laughed. “Come on, then. Be nice to me.”

He picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.


“I thought you wanted me to be nice?” he said, pushing into me harder like I’d asked.

“I do,” I said, lost, swimming in a sea of him. “I want you to be nice and fuck me harder.”

His eyes rolled, but his body complied, fucking me hard and fast, relentlessly.

My hips met his and as I screamed his name when I came, my nails dug in to his shoulders.

Wrapped in the blankets, I hitched my leg over his and pulled him closer, kissing his strong shoulders.

We were quiet, a hum of understanding and love between us., .comments h4 { font: $(post.title.font); margin: .75em 0 0; display:none; }