Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Drabble: Orange

I humbly asked for a word or picture prompt on twitter, hoping it would help get the words flowing from my brain. The lovely Bri supplied me with orange.

The juice drips down her chin and I fight the urge to lick it.

Of course, being two tables away would make that impossible. Well two tables and zero introductions.

I want to meet her. I want to take her out, show her how she's inspired me the last few weeks.

Instead, I sit at my table and watch, aching.

She wipes her petite chin with a napkin, sucking another segment of orange between her lips. If her eyes had met mine, I'd think she was teasing me intentionally, but I'm certain she's focused on her friend across the table.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Drabble: Exposed

TheRainGirl4 tweeted a lovely FFF photo today that made me want to drabble. Here is the photo -- it's NSFW. Here is the drabble.

Grace was on her knees; a beautiful position for a beautiful woman. Her love for us was endless, her compassion for others similarly boundless.

Ava stood behind me, hands covering my breasts, mouth covering my neck, heart covering half my heart.

We'd asked our friend to take the photos. We wanted a way to preserve this moment in time, this memory, these feelings.

The time when we fused and became family.

I hadn't anticipated what the session would do to me -- we each wanted to be exposed but not naked -- watching them had me aching and needy.



Thank you for all you do for me, Rainy. I know this wasn't much, but maybe someday I'll revisit them. <3
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