Thursday, November 10, 2011

Drabble: Hiccups

Today while at coffee, Stephanie gave me this prompt for a drabble -- hiccups. I hope she enjoys where I went with it.


It had been a long day. Derek was trying his best, but I could tell his patience with me had run out.

Pickles. Ice cream. Snickers. Tater Tots.

All at once.

Plus I was huge, and didn't want anyone to touch me. Not strangers putting their hands on my basketball-sized belly. Not Derek putting his hands anywhere.

I sat in the glider, grateful we'd bought it before I was due, and rocked gently, breathing deep.

When my belly began to move, I laughed. She would pick right then. There was no way to be upset when she had the hiccups., .comments h4 { font: $(post.title.font); margin: .75em 0 0; display:none; }